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What parents need to know

Parents need to know that La Boda de Valentina is a Spanish-language romantic comedy starring Marimar Vega. Content-wise, it’s on par with most mainstream romantic comedies. In other words, you can expect some swearing in the English subtitles (“s–t,” “a–hole,” etc.), as well as some ethnic slurs and mildly risque references. But there’s no explicit sex or even particularly suggestive situations; only kissing is shown on screen. Scenes in which characters fight and drink too much are played for laughs, and dishonesty causes the characters a lot of problems.

What’s the story?

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In LA BODA DE VALENTINA, Valentina (Marimar Vega) has just accepted the proposal of her American boyfriend, Jason (Ryan Carnes). Then she learns that her corrupt, politically connected family in Mexico City has pulled a fast one: They’ve filed papers marrying her off without her consent in order to help her father win an election. Without explaining anything to Jason, Valentina rushes south to execute a divorce from her “husband,” who turns out to be her old flame, Angel (Omar Chaparro). Valentina’s father asks her to delay the divorce until after the election, so when Jason shows up unexpectedly, there’s some maneuvering to do.

Is it any good?

This is a standard, Hollywood-style romcom that will likely be funnier to viewers who are more immersed in Mexican culture. There are plenty of references to current Mexican songs, celebrities, politicians, and political parties which, if intended as jokes, fall flat if you don’t know what/who they are. La Boda de Valentina (“Valentina’s Wedding”) is barely about the wedding, so don’t expect Bridesmaidsstyle hi-jinks here. The movie does rely on the romcom cliché of inexplicable dishonesty to create an uncomfortable situation, but otherwise it divides its focus among the ridiculous male bonding between Jason and Angel, the manipulations of political enemies, and some fish-out-of-water comedy involving Jason as a bumbling gringo. Which is a shame, because Vega’s performance as Valentina is skillful. She’s funny, gifted with expressive eyes, and appears sharp. She even handles the dramatic moments well. But there’s so much going on, with so little context (for whom are we supposed to root, Angel or Jason? and who is Valentina, exactly?), that the story seems to move on from her about halfway through, leaving her ultimate decision between suitors to come from nowhere. Worst, her lies to her fiancé aren’t only reprehensible; they’re totally unnecessary. And that’s just some of her character’s thoughtless behavior.

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